You vehicle is one of your costly investments and you would want it safe when you have parked in the office. There are many vehicle security systems that offer security management of your priced possession. In addition, it doubles as security at your office building, especially controlling the access of visitor vehicles. In most cases, security of commercial buildings provides car passes to employees that have their company offices situated inside the building. As a result, only those with valid passes are allowed to enter the building. However, every vehicle that enters the building will have to go through the following procedures:

a) Sniffer dogs: This procedure is commonly used in every big commercial office building as the threat perception is high in such spaces.

Trained sniffer dogs can scent and track bombs or any suspicious items that are hidden in cars. If there is a threat, then it is neutralized at the entry itself, as the vehicle is not allowed to pass. In addition, the sniffer dog that also doubles a security dog can help in holding down suspect in volatile situations.

b) Road prevention equipment: If there is a vehicle coming in high speed, this equipment is activated. In such situations, a barricade emerges from the ground, stopping the momentum of the speeding car. If the suspect tries to cross over it will be counterproductive as his car will be damaged. Road prevention equipment is only used when there is a media commotion going on at the building or when there is an attempt to forcefully enter the building by trespassers.

c) Hydraulic column system: At every high rise building, hydraulic column system works as red light or stop sign for the vehicles. Any car entering the premises has to undergo a security check and these hydraulic columns work as deterrent for vehicles.

Once the sniffer dog and security guard checks your vehicle and finds nothing suspicious, you can enter the building as the hydraulic column will go down. If a car tries to cross, it will be crushed.

d) Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANRP) system: One of leading security management technologies, ANRP is the new addition in vehicle security system. The number plate of any car entering the premises will be scanned and identified with the records immediately. This system is integrated in such a way, that it will immediately alert the security across the building and the police, as soon it recognizes a criminal or a suspect. With this, no criminal can easily enter the building. Many companies also bar a few people due to irreconcilable differences and even these people are immediately stopped from entering the office premises.

e) Vehicle tracking system: Security teams working at commercial buildings issue a disclaimer about the responsibility of the car being on the owner, but there is a sense of responsibility about the vehicle in the office premises. Vehicle tracking system provides the exact location of all cars while they are in the building. If there is any unauthorized movement, the security can be alerted immediately and any theft attempt will be foiled.

f) Barriers: These are installed at the car parking in the basement of the building. Employee cars get access easily, as they are given car pass cards but visitor vehicles have to go through another round of security check. Barriers are useful in stopping cars that are exiting the car park. If there is an attempt of kidnapping or stealing, then it can thwarted as the barriers slow down the driver and give the security guards those precious seconds to move in stop the suspect.

Benefits of implementing vehicle security system