One thing that can irritate anybody is waiting in the queue to finish a task. While the tradition of forming a line and waiting for your turn to finish your work such as signing up for an appointment with the doctor or completing certain formalities at the airport to get your ticket is followed all across the world, it still does not appease a lot of people who hate waiting in lines for their turn. Here are a few reasons why queues at counters are slowly fading:

•        For a customer waiting for his turn at the bank or at the hospital, especially, when he is in a hurry, creates a sense of unhappiness•        If there are any technical glitches, then it becomes difficult for the operator sitting behind the counter to address your query

•        The probability of your documents being misplaced is high when you are dealing with a person behind the counter As a result, with the growing need for better security in companies, kiosk operations have become very popular across companies in many countries. Nowadays, a modern customer expects faster and customized service, which has propelled the integration of kiosk being set up to be part of the shifting landscape of interactive technology. The following reasons explains how kiosk operations once implemented, can improve customer satisfaction. 1) Increases efficiency, reduces lines:

• It goes without saying that nobody like a queue, especially in today’s world where everybody wants to move ahead as fast as possible. In addition, even if you have 10 employees manning the counter at your hotel to provide the fastest and most efficient service, during peak hours or rush hours, even they can’t control the incoming crowd. It is natural to see them struggling to complete orders, while the customers wait impatiently in a line. Moreover, if the customer gets angry, then they will have to bear it with a smile.

• This could all change by putting up kiosks at the entrance of your joint. Any customer who walks in can place his customized order at the kiosk, pay for it and carry the bill over to the counter. This is beneficial in two ways – the customer does not have to waste extra time in paying for the food across the counter and it reduces the process for the employees so that they can concentrate on catering the customer instead of worrying about the cash change. The process is similar to that queue management software , which also provides maximum satisfaction.

2) Empowering decision making• Interactive technology has become a way of life after the invention of android phones. Customers are very choosy about their selections and want customized services. Self-serving kiosks also provide the customer the different combinations about their food. Many kiosks have the facility of providing information of the selection such as the ingredients, calorie break-up and the other available options.

3) Reduce confrontations• There are many instances when a customer gets angry with employee and raise their voice or misbehave. This is a common sight at railway stations, hospitals and even airports. If the situation escalates, either the customer is asked to leave or the employee is asked to take a break. The situation could worsen, if the employee retaliates, thereby spoiling your brand and reputation. A kiosk will prevent social interaction and give the customer the complete satisfaction of looking at his available options of trains or flights. As a result, putting up kiosks can reduce friction, and a lot of money as there is no scope of a confrontation escalating into a full blown fight and ending up with a court case.

How does kiosk operations improve customer satisfaction?How does kiosk operations improve customer satisfaction?