In the definition by Tech Target, it states that hyper-convergence is a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates, computes, stores, and virtualizes resources in a single system that usually consists of x86 hardware. It has really given a lot of help and ease in the industry of technology and we are going to talk about more of that today. In this article, we are going to look further into the benefits of hyperconvergence.

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To start, Go Mind Sight will give us five benefits of hyperconvergence. Let us read in their article below.

5 Benefits Of Hyperconvergence

All across the technology industry, developers and tech enthusiasts are trumpeting hyper convergence for its simplicity, ease of management, and cost savings over traditional data center architectures. With a closer look, it’s easy to see how the benefits of hyperconvergence have made this solution so appealing.

Hyperconvergence is more about the business than the IT department, bizarre as that statement may be. Improving IT infrastructure management is certainly a goal, but the true aim of hyperconvergence is to elevate business agility. There is a need in the market for a cost effective solution that can keep a business nimble enough to compete despite the constant shift of new technology and changing factors. Hyperconvergence fills that niche nicely. Read more here.

Explained above is the definition of hyperconvergence and enumerated are five benefits of it. One benefit mentioned is about data protection. So according to what was mentioned above, hyperconvergence has the ability to restore data easily. That alone would be a great help. Now, Scott D. Lowe and David M. Davis will give us six ways hyperconvergence can ease your pain.

6 Ways Hyperconvergence Can Ease Your Pain

Leveraging the Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Is your current infrastructure holding you back? When you look at your network diagrams, do you get a headache? If so, take a look at hyperconvergence, which solves a number of datacenter pain points with a single appliance. Here are six benefits of these systems that combine compute, storage and networking into one easy-to-use solution.

  1. Lower Costs

Cost isn’t the only consideration when designing your IT solution, but it’s certainly important. The fastest datacenter in the world isn’t actually all that useful if you have to spend your entire profit margin on software licenses and an army of specialist staff.

Hyperconvergence uses an economic model similar to that of public cloud providers, avoiding large up-front costs and large infrastructure purchases every few years. This is achieved by using low-cost commodity hardware, and by scaling the datacenter in small, easy-to-manage steps. Read more here.

Data protection is once again mentioned. So hyperconvergence software understands the fact that hardware will fail over time and they are readily prepared for that. You wouldn’t have to worry on losing important data. Lastly, Pete Bartolik will give us five more benefits of hyperconverged solutions.

5 Top Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Although hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is still an emerging data center technology, it represents a modern software-centric approach that holds the potential for bottom-line ROI.   

Network World contributor Bob Violino writes that hyperconvergence is one of the hottest trends in data center technology, “with early adopters reaping the benefits of cost savings, enhanced data protection, increased scalability, and ease of management.” The publication labels it a “SAN killer, private cloud enabler.”

That’s strong stuff, but there are good reasons why many observers and analysts view HCI as a dramatic advancement for the data center. In particular, the technology can help fulfill the promise of private and hybrid cloud environments.

Here are 5 key reasons why you should evaluate HCI for your enterprise: Read more here.

One benefit mentioned above is that hyper-converged infrastructures are well-suited to help organizations modernize applications development and deployment. Modernizing, upgrading, or improving an application is really important and HCI could help you with that. Hyper-converged infrastructures help organizations discover new productivities and it helps organizations cope with the demands of the digital economy.

Hyperconvergence and its Benefits