Singapore is a country known globally that has a rich free market economy. Around 20% of the GDP of Singapore is from the revenue collected from the manufacturing industry. The organizations and businesses in the country are thus, top notch and very competitive. Innovation and development are of paramount importance and any tool or resource that helps better solutions for a respective company is adopted and used quickly.

Enterprise Resource Planning or simply, ERP is an innovative software that has streamlined all the systems of a business into a single platform. Preciously, a business contained all the various systems, but they did not have any link between them. For instance, the sales could not be linked to the purchase or the inventory and data retrieval from either one, was time consuming and had risk of faulty data. That all has been changed by the ERP system. It links all the various branches of a business such as the finance, sales, accounts, warehouse etc. onto one real time user interface that can be used to order or link to the customer in no time. It has become the norm of the business world to incorporate this system into their company and the one without, usually lags in revenue. It has been proved that the use of ERP solutions in businesses has expanded profits and this is the sole reason why it is becoming so popular internationally.

In Singapore, entrepreneurs are encouraged to start businesses and use ERP in their systems to get streamlined data and information. Many developed businesses have ERP solutions and thus remain competitive in the market. One of the major subsidiaries of ERP is the Microsoft ERP solutions created by Microsoft and is very popular in the market. It is available in the cloud computing form and can be accessed over the internet at any time and any place. Orders can be placed in real-time and up to date information can be retrieved.

Technology has a way or evolving into new and better systems and there comes a time when the old systems are not compatible to the newer advanced technology. In such scenarios Microsoft ERP builds and evolves accordingly and updates its respective systems as well. For instance, if the user has an old HR system then the Microsoft ERP will update it according to the need of the user. In addition to this, the data retrieval has never been so easy and timely.

In this dynamic global market of today it is of paramount importance that the businessman has some tricks up his sleeve that make his company better than the rest. These tools and resources such as CRM and ERP help put his company’s name in the market and ensure a steady flow of profit that eventually earns him a place in the global economy. The progress may be steady at first but due to efficiency and provision of risk-free information, the success is ensured.

How Microsoft ERP Works