The surveillance industry has ameliorated from its basic of offering security to galvanizing business development with

the addition of features like the iris recognition system for personnel security recognition . In the recent years, video camera manufacturers are innovating this product to make it one of the latest disruptive commercial technologies. Companies using video surveillance are able to provide better services or products, efficient staff and even change their layouts to provide customer satisfaction. The following are the benefits of how video surveillance is an asset for business development.

Retail Businesses

Every retailer aims at selling their products to the customers by offering the latest models at the best affordable price. However, if the customers are unsatisfied, then video surveillance can aid in fixing the problem.

Customer’s shopping patterns can be noted and change in the product or service can made accordingly. Identifying the customer needs by watching the videos of the surveillance can enable the retailer to make an informed and wiser choice in selecting the brands to feature in their stores.

Retailers can keep a watch on their staff, so that there is no internal theft in their stores or shops. As a result, there are always more eyes watching the events unfolding at various levels of the shop. The employees also work more efficiently as they are aware that they are under constant scrutiny.

Customers often get upset or annoyed with the disinterest of the staff or their inappropriate behaviour. Retailers can prevent angry customers from leaving the store before things get out of hand.

Retailers can also make floor changes or layout changes by observing the consumer behaviour. If there is a brand that instantly catches the eyes of most customers, then the retailer can place the brand right at the entrance so as to entice more customers to enter their stores or shops.

Weather alerts

Weather warnings are necessary for survival. Putting up weather cameras can be effective in raising an alarm ahead of a natural calamity.

Weather surveillance videos can not only help in alerting but in also saving lives. Once an alert sounds, evacuation processes can begin and rescue teams can be alerted.

Weather cameras also help in predicting natural calamities as it helps scientist study patterns and record the temperature levels.

For animal welfare associations, weather cameras are a blessing. During a forest fire alert or a storm alert, they can begin the evacuation and rehabilitation process for the animals near the forest regions.

How video surveillance can help Singapore businesses?