Access control system is a system that limits the access or usability of virtual or physical content or resources. The system works by a process that controls which users can be given access or granted privileges to utilize information, resources or systems.

In this era where information is power, protection of such information is of the utmost priority for most companies. Access control provides protection against hackers and intruders. This system has provisions for the protection of different kinds of information and resources. There are different types of access control to cater to the specific needs of the client. These types are as follows:-

1) Intruder detection system – when an intruder or burglar is detected by this system, the intruder alarms and motion detectors send messages or signs to the owner who can then inform the authorities or take necessary action. As these systems can be easily placed on the interior as well as the exterior of the premises or building, no one can gain access to the facility with your knowledge.

2) Gate entry – the system is tuned in such a way that all people coming in and going out of the premises can be monitored and tracked. Based on the level of security clearance, the individual can or cannot access areas with sensitive information. The movement of every individual can be monitored at any given time till the time they leave the premises.

3) Biometric systems – an ideal system for high security is what the biometric reader aims to do. Only with the assigned clearance can there be access to sensitive areas in a given building or premises. A human’s unique features like handprint, fingerprint or iris recognition system are used as the biometric readers to verify and confirm security clearance. Incorrect feeds will set off an alarm after a fixed number of attempts.

4) Camera system – video surveillance, also called CCTV (closed-circuit television). Visuals of a person’s movement can be monitored and recorded for high-security areas. Facial recognition is possible with specialized software if the CCTV camera is of a high-resolution. When the image captured resolution is high, even vehicle number plates can be easily identified.

You can be at peace when you can monitor your premises from anywhere in the world. Such advancement in technology is truly a blessing in disguise. From elementary schools to multinational companies, access control has become essential for safety and protection purposes.

Types Of Access Control