Importance of Investing in Field Service Management Systems

How a business that has a segment of field service operates plays a crucial role on how smoothly its transactions are done. Without the right field management system, errors and delays are common. There will likely be delays since the field personnel has to spend much time between the warehouse and the field. Operational costs will also be higher since movement between the office and field will equally be higher. For a business that is out to make a profit, it is essential to invest in a system that is easy to use, cost effective and one that is result oriented.

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In this article by FieldAware, a guide is given on why organizations need to prioritize on field service management.

Benefits of field service management

“For organizations wanting to improve the efficiency of their field service operations, investment in technology plays a big part in achieving this. For many companies, choosing and implementing a solution can become complex and potential efficiency gains are being missed, meaning organizations are not seeing the full return from their investment.” read more here

 Some of the benefits of having a field service management system in place include a paperless system, acceleration of payment and simplified schedule system. For organizations in construction, for example, field service management has made it easy for smooth communication between the field and warehouse on the need for materials and delivery without any papers being used. This already has a positive impact on the environment. However, it also means the organization has better kept records that are easier to refer to should questions arise at any given point.

In this article found in, the author discusses some of the possible changes field service management will see in future as far as the use of technology is concerned.

Technologies that will transform field service management

“Technology is transforming the world all around us. Form the way we communicate and engage with customers and clients to tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and reaching goals, technological advances have changed the fundamentals of what it means to conduct business well. Because mastering the use of integrated technology has become so critical….” read more here

Technology has become inevitable in every business. Customers see the changes technology has in their lives, and they expect similar changes when dealing with service providers. Technology has made people less patient because they understand how fast it is possible to get work done. This is one of the reasons organizations in service delivery need to invest in business intelligence tools and smart devices if they are to keep up with the demands of today’s consumers.

In this article, Emma Newman discusses some of the things that influence which service provider an organization uses for its field service management.

Things to consider when choosing vendors of field service management systems

“Just like in any marketplace, within the workforce management software market there is distinct brand loyalty at play. ClickSoftware, SAP, IBM and TOA dominate the market with their products and continue to expand their suite of field service applications to include, for example mobility. Many customers of these solutions will look at the systems they currently have in place and stay loyal…” read more here

 It is easy for organizations to be overwhelmed by the number of service providers of field service management software. Many choose the giants in the industry with the assumption they are getting the best. Unfortunately, for many organizations, the best is rated according to the cost and size of the name of the service provider. This has made it difficult for smaller up-coming companies that probably have better systems to penetrate the market. It is essential for organizations to look at what they are getting against what they would be missing by choosing a particular provider over another. This would give the smaller providers the chance to grow while at the same time increase competition. This will result in better field service management systems that will be more affordable.

Field service management systems have become essential in every business. There is no escaping it if organizations want to excel in service provision. They have improved efficiency and eliminated the redundancy that was once part of organizations with a segment in field service. The head office is today knowledgeable of every step taken by personnel in the warehouses and those in the field. This system has also made the decision-making process easier and faster since information is collected in real-time.

Importance of Investing in Field Service Management Systems