Maintaining the security of your households and businesses are of utmost priority. Surveillance cameras are an effective means in this regard. Using various kinds of CCTV video analytics, these CCTV cameras can detect a number of intruders and make sure that the system is secure. When looking at these CCTV cameras, you will come across a variety of different kinds of cameras. Making the right choice for your specific needs is important and thus it is necessary to look at the different features of these variety of CCTV cameras.

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Dome Camera

The dome camera is named due to its shape. The camera angle is designed in such a way that is difficult to be blocked by intruders. These dome cameras are also easy to install and can be placed in any corner of the premises. They are also fitted with infrared lens that give the perfect lighting for evening images and lookouts. Dome cameras are perfect for indoor security of households and buildings.

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are compact camera lenses that can be fitted either outside or inside the building. Their size makes it easy to install. These cameras are perfect for images that require long distance viewing. They are long and cylindrical in shape and can be mounted on a bracket or are fixed with a varifocal lens, depending on the purpose for which it is being used. These cameras are also easy to clean as they have protective casing installed that wards off dust, dirt and other elements.

C-mount Camera

C-mount cameras are versatile as they come with detachable lenses that can be changed according to the purpose required. These cameras can be fitted with lenses that cover distances beyond 40ft, whereas the normal CCTV lenses can only get images up to 35-40 ft.These are good for indoor use but the only default is that they are easily noticeable to their bulky size.

Day/Night Camera

If you want CCTV cameras that function in both good and poor lighting, these day/night cameras are for you. They produce quality videos in low lighting as they have extra sensitive imaging chips fitted into them. You can fit them outside the building to produce top notch quality surveillance in either colored or non-colored. These cameras are also available in a variety of sizes.

PTZ Camera

Pan-tilt-zoom cameras should ideally be installed if you have a live surveillance system or a guard operating the security system as these need to be panned (moved left or right), tilted ( moved up and down) and zoomed in or out to get a closer view. These cameras come fitted with a sharp autofocus and a smart tracking system that can provide perfect images and video surveillance.

Understanding the Different kinds of CCTV Camera In the Market